The Solution to Worrying About Our Kids

Couple relationship - concept photo

If you are a parent, you worry. I know I do. In a recent article by Today’s Parent, feeling anxious or concerned about our kids is … Read More

Nike’s Great Slogan…and My Three Kids.

chaussure bébé

The Nike Corporation has, as you know, developed, branded, and marketed one of the greatest slogans of all time…Just do it! There … Read More

Instilling Contentment in Our Kids (And Myself)


If I’m being transparent, here’s an area where I struggle. No, not instilling contentment in my kids…being content myself. But … Read More

I am Exhausted Trying to Monitor My Child’s Media Activity!

People Social Networking

Doug Hutchins is the Founder of Going Transparent. We asked Doug to write for MPL because his emphasis is on practical steps kids … Read More

25 Lies Young Women Believe


I have had the opportunity to speak recently to several groups of parents (especially moms). I also hang out 40+ hours each week … Read More

The #1 Thing Dads Can Do For Their Kids (Moms Pay Attention)


I have the privilege of speaking to various groups periodically. When I speak to men about parenting, there is ONE thing I want … Read More

One on One with Your Kids

One on One with Your Kids

One of the keys to passing on what you believe in is by creating memories. Family vacations, hunting, attending their games, … Read More

‘Show’ Them Thankfulness This Year

Show Thanks

With Thanksgiving next week there is a lot to look forward to with our families. Last year, we talked about teaching our kids what … Read More

The Christmas Candle

Christmas Candle

I must confess. I’m typically not a big fan of many movies in the Christian genre. I’ve seen my fair share, and I always come away … Read More

Lessons our Grandparents Taught Us


I’m continually looking for new lessons to teach my kids. If you’re like me, sometimes we find ourselves in a rut reinforcing the … Read More

The ‘Other’ Child

Sibling post

Intentionally coaching our kids on how to get along with their siblings may be one of the biggest legacies we leave behind as a … Read More

Does Your Kid Know the Bottom Line?

Bottom Line

We live in a fast paced world that communicates with sound bites. That is a tough environment to learn how to make decisions, … Read More

Never Settle

never settle

Have you ever had to stand by and watch someone settle for less than God’s best for them? It can be agonizing to watch, especially … Read More

Manual Work Ethic-How and Why

manual labor

We have written in the past about the value of training kids using a manual work ethic. It pays off in so many areas. But how and … Read More

Don’t Quote Me!


Have you ever heard the saying, “All I ever need to know I learned in Kindergarten?” Well it’s not quite that simple, BUT we can … Read More

Suckers for Irrelevancy

Great Wall of China

That is how one researcher describes this generation. How about this fact? More than ever, 16 year olds are choosing NOT to go get … Read More

Seasons of Gray


Don't you love when Hollywood and the media are dumbfounded by the response of Christians in our country? The most recent example … Read More

Something for Nothing

something for nothing

With all this talk of a government shutdown, we have a unique opportunity to discuss with our kids the concept of something for … Read More

How to Become Popular


“How to become popular” is not worth writing about. But at some point in your children’s lives, they will have to determine if … Read More

What is the Saddest Part of This Picture?

1000 words parenting

I love images. They really do say 1,000 words. When I showed this picture to one lady, she wondered how I got a picture of her … Read More

Just Do It

Just Do It

We are what we repeatedly do. You are what you repeatedly do. Your kids are what they repeatedly do. Because this is true, an … Read More

Righteous Anger


I was unfamiliar with the term until I was in seminary. When I felt angry, it inevitably led to feelings of remorse or guilt. … Read More

Changing Your Kid is BAD!

changing kids

We have all heard the reference to someone who is “like a fish out of water.” A fish out of water is in a bad place—a place where … Read More

The Only Two Rules Your Household May Need

2 Rules at Home

What if everything you wanted to see from your child’s behavior could be covered by two basic rules? You may think this is … Read More

Kids and the Rising Price of Regular Unleaded

gas station

The first time I put regular unleaded in my own car, it was 89 cents per gallon at the local convenience store in the town where I … Read More

97% of Our Kids are Involved in This Addictive, Brain Slowing Activity


My kids are included in the 97% and likely yours are too. That is not to say they are addicted or that their minds are affected, … Read More

The Mind of MY Kids

POW flag

I read a story a few years back about some prisoners of war. It was a tragic recount where the POWs were being kept alive for one … Read More

My Kids Are Too Busy…Help!

busy schedule

I bet that sounds familiar. As an educator, I have the awesome opportunity to spend time and interact with lots of families. If … Read More

Mean Girls and Boys

mean girls

They exist. They impact our kids. But what do we do as parents? I was once told an axiom that has helped me personally and played … Read More

3 Keys to Help Your Student Adjust to a New Campus

Back to College

As a graduate student at Baylor University, I worked for the school in retention of incoming freshmen. The training came largely … Read More

7 Steps to Talking About Sexual Purity

sexual purity

Doug Hutchins is the Founder of We asked Doug to write for MPL because his emphasis is on practical steps … Read More

Straight Talk from a Mom on Spiritual Leadership

MyParentLab Mom

This is a guest post by Kym Carter. Kym is a dynamic and engaging speaker who has a passion for families and for God’s Word. Kym … Read More

Should I Feel Guilty?


So you get home from a tiring day of activity … could be work, could be a day of running in circles like a taxicab, could be any … Read More

The Cure for “It’s not fair!”


“That’s not fair!” That statement drives me crazy. Of course it’s not fair! No one ever said that was the end goal! That statement … Read More

Simple Topic, Big Return

simplify My Parent Lab

It’s easy to make parenting too complicated. There’s so much to do, so much to teach, so much to do battle against! While … Read More

A Fun and Easy Way to Get Your Kid Ahead This Summer

Summer apps

What if your child could walk into the first day of class next year and know everything that would be taught for the next month? … Read More

When Mom has to be the Spiritual Leader

mom Leader

I started out researching an article for Father’s Day. Then I ran across two thought-provoking pieces of research … that means … Read More

You Better Get THIS Right!

Get This Right

I am continuing a look at philosophical beliefs that lead to either good or bad in a child’s life. In my last blog, I highlighted … Read More

Amanda Bynes and Tiger Woods

Amanda Bynes Tiger Woods

If you do not know Amanda, your kids do. She is the latest Britney Spears…complete with all the fame, fortune, legal issues, and … Read More

Forget Their Right to Privacy


Today’s topic is one your kids probably will not like. In fact, some of us may disagree as parents, but my experience suggests … Read More

Bad Behavior? Consider This.

Bad Behavior

When a child’s behavior isn’t what you expect, it always goes back to their fundamental philosophical beliefs…their most basic … Read More

This is Why the World is Crazy!

My Parent Lab

I was sitting in my living room listening to one of the top news programs in the world to stay up to date on current events. … Read More

Announcement and Enhancements


Thanks to you sharing our story, April was the best month in the 18-month history of MyParentLab! Hopefully you have noticed we … Read More

This is a Good Fight!

good fight

I don’t care how much credit a good parent gets, it isn’t enough…on the other hand you cannot estimate the damage caused through … Read More

The Most Important Conversation You Will Ever Have


If you do not read anything else from MyParentLab, read this. If you have never shared an article on Facebook, share this one. It … Read More

Today is the Most Important Day!

time management

That is the lesson I will teach my kids over and over and over. I MUST shape their perspective about the value of time, … Read More

10 Do’s and Don’ts of Discipline

dos and donts

I have had the privilege over the past 15 years of sitting at the feet of some great parents. Lest you think I have this … Read More

Run Your Kid Like a Business!

Kid business

Think about laying a dry sponge on the counter and dropping an occasional large drop of red kool-aide into the middle of it. After … Read More

The One Thing They May Need Most This Spring

need sleep

Spring is in the air. The days are growing longer, the weather is great, and our kids are busier than ever (at home and school). … Read More

A Boston Bomb…and My Son


The cowardice act in Boston two days ago and questions about it from my first grader reminded me of an important truth to remember … Read More

The Prodigal Child


Teens become young adults. Just when you exhale a giant sigh of relief as the teen years pass, some parents are immediately thrust … Read More

My Kid Won’t Talk to Me-Here’s Why

Kids wont talk

Picture this scenario. Your teenage daughter blows through the door, obviously distraught. You follow her through the house until … Read More

4 Practical Steps to Counter the Introduction of Pornography

Counter Porn

Warning: Your children will most likely be exposed to pornographic content by the age of 11, if not sooner. (*The average age of … Read More

Praying They Will Get Caught


Two days after I received my driver’s license on my sixteenth birthday, my dad’s buddy made me a bet. He bet that I would get a … Read More

Is my Kid in a Bubble? – Part 3

Bubble Post

In Part 1 of Is My Kid in a Bubble?, I outlined the thinking behind shaping as much of the circumstances of your children’s lives … Read More

Is my Kid in a Bubble? – Part 2

Bubble Post

In Part 1 of Is my Kid in a Bubble?, I outlined briefly the thinking behind shaping as much of the circumstances of your … Read More

Is my Kid in a Bubble? – Part 1

Bubble Post

Absolutely!  You can call it putting them in a bubble, being overprotective, or old fashioned if you want to...I call it wisdom. I … Read More

You Know How That Kid Will Turn Out


Do you ever have that thought cross your mind? If you’re around kids much, it’s pretty much inevitable. The undertone is usually … Read More

Blue Jeans, Dogs, and Kids?

Blue Jeans

When I buy a pair of jeans, mostly used for working cows or being crazy outside with my boys, I fully intend to do whatever I want … Read More

A Spring Break Opportunity…In 30 Seconds

spring break

Do you remember the nine months leading up to the birth of your first child? It was a special time full of excitement, anxiety, … Read More

Help Your Kids Immediately!


You need reminders…so do kids. I have found over time, when a child understands expectations clearly and their proper identity is … Read More

A Challenge for Me (and Maybe You)


Every once in a while, I run across research that I just do not like. It is usually because I fall into one or more groups … Read More

Life is all about ME

Love Me

“Kids today believe the world is all about them, and how great they are…we are raising a generation of narcissists.” - Jean … Read More

The Day I Learned to Forgive


It was 5 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon when I got some of the best advice I would ever receive in life. At the time, I was 15 hours … Read More

A Prayer for All Parents…

parents prayer

Have you ever heard of the serenity prayer?  It is a prayer attributed to twentieth century theologian Reinhold Niebuhr. The first … Read More

Your Kid Secretly Hopes You’ll Be the Bad Guy


Over 75% of teenagers surveyed say while they want their independence, they would CHOOSE for their parents to stay on top of them … Read More

Old Fashioned, Ancient…and Successful


Eating together…as a family, no matter what your family looks like.  Studies for the last 50 years have proven over and over the … Read More

Three Cheaters–One Truth


Lance Armstrong, Enron, Bernie Madoff…the list of American cheaters could go on forever. But what does that have to do with my … Read More

Your Child’s Potential Doesn’t Matter!


Potential is only what could be. A child may be naturally gifted in the area of insightfulness, discernment, courage, creativity, … Read More

Attitude Adjustments–Girls

Girls Attitude

Girls are different. How’s that for an understatement? But when it comes to what drives poor attitudes, the research suggests … Read More

THIS is the King

This is King

The King action item in successful child rearing (and virtually every other endeavor) is process.  PROCESS - a series of actions … Read More

Attitude Adjustments—Boys

boys attitude

It’s one of the most common problems every parent faces at some point. We make a simple request that is met with initial silence, … Read More

A great tool to COMMAND the situation!


Today I want to look at one of the most successful coaches ever and his own self-proclaimed best approach to discipline. I think … Read More

Forget About God’s Will for Your Life


OK, parents, this one’s for us primarily because we cannot expect our kids to follow what we do not model. In Francis Chan’s book … Read More

How Do You Like This Tone!


There are lots of ways to “set the tone.” Imagine how important this is for a junior high teacher the first two weeks of the … Read More

What I Learned from an Orphan Who Grew Up in India


Last year, I wrote about what American teenagers could learn from two weeks in an orphanage in India (story here). Now, it is time … Read More

It’s Not My Fault!

Not My Fault

Don’t you hate it when your kids say that? Here are two more I could live without: “I didn’t know!” and “It’s not fair!” We … Read More

A Parent’s New Year’s Resolution


Over this Christmas holiday, I had a great conversation with a couple about their family’s new year’s resolution. Usually left up … Read More

Part 2-You should be pro life on this issue

Pro Life

Last week I wrote about a pro-life agenda…that is, the speaking of life-giving words. I pointed out that years of statistics have … Read More

A Gift for Yourself This Christmas

myparentlab gift yourself

According to the Toy Retailers Association, the top three toys this Christmas will include a new version of the Cabbage Patch … Read More

You Should Be Pro Life on This Issue

Pro Life

There is a pro life argument out there that we do not spend near enough time talking about. And you should know that the … Read More

A Special Place in Heaven for the Single Mom


I have could not have more respect for single parents. Unless you have walked in those shoes, I believe there is no way to know … Read More

Frustration to Wisdom


There are many things in the year 2012 that frustrate me. First of all, the speed of life. It is an absolute whirlwind! With the … Read More

The Un-Happy Holidays


For millions of parents, the holiday season is anything but joyous. The season may represent sadness due to our past. As the Mayo … Read More

My Kid is Just Wired Like This…And it Makes Me Crazy!


I spoke to a high-energy man this past week who was lamenting his son’s lack of enthusiasm and zest for life. Dad is a self-made, … Read More

The Epic Journey


This is hands down the best thing my wife and I have done for our spiritual walk each of the last six years. It has revolutionized … Read More

Why We Should Remember THIS Thanksgiving


I have a short memory. I bet you do too. The nation of Israel had a short one in the Old Testament, and so did Jesus' disciples. … Read More

Parents, Let’s Raise the Bar!


But ONLY if we have already set the bar. … One of the most important things we can do for our kids is constantly emphasize the … Read More

So Now That He’s Won…


Monday, November 5, 2012 7:30 PM What is our responsibility? Regardless of whether he represents the ticket that received … Read More

I Surveyed Your Child


Well, maybe your child's classmate! In the last month, I have randomly surveyed two kids per week between the ages of 12 and 18, … Read More

Ghouls and Goblins: Two Great Ideas on Halloween We Can All Agree Upon


Hummm … The annual dilemma Christians face with their kids on Halloween. My parents took me to a haunted house at the church. How … Read More

When Big Questions Come from Little People


This is a guest post by Kym Carter. Kym is a dynamic and engaging speaker who has a passion for families and for God’s Word. Kym … Read More

How Much Is Too Much?

© Jose Manuel Gelpi -

How many activities are too much for your kids? I wonder how often we ask this. I was talking to a man last week who was … Read More

Brent Crowe on How to Think Bigger on Parenting


Brent Crowe serves as the vice president of Student Leadership University, a program that has trained more than 80,000 students to … Read More

Healthy Kids Inside and Out!

© Ilike -

This is a guest post by Kym Carter. Kym is a dynamic and engaging speaker who has a passion for families and for God’s Word. Kym … Read More

Mom’s Nightmare Morning


We must exchange whispers with God before shouts with the world. Verse for Today "Wise men store up knowledge, but the mouth … Read More

Our Sin-Their Lesson


I have met a lot of parents over the past 15 years. Back then, I began taking copious notes on the things parents were doing. … Read More

You Are Running Out Of Time


I have an equation for you to consider: Life is about quality relationships. Quality relationships take time. We have less time … Read More

Let’s Talk About Sex


Do you remember the “birds and the bees” talk we had with our parents? I do. I can summarize the experience in one word: awkward. … Read More

Battle Boredom, Build Initiative…Here’s How


“I’m bored!” Some of the saddest and most frustrating words on the planet, they represent everything opposite of a productive, … Read More

A Great Practical Resource For Their Hearts


There is one book on Christian parenting that has been recommended to me by good parents, over and over again the past 15 years. … Read More

Buy Some Self-Esteem for Your Kid


There may be few things as crucial to a child's development as self-esteem. When they feel good about themselves, they make better … Read More

Treat Your Kids Like Your Debit Card

debit card

Accounting 101 — You can only withdraw what you have previously deposited. While this concept is self evident and used weekly … Read More

Use My Son as an Example


Last week, I had the privilege of taking my two oldest boys to a Texas Rangers’ baseball game. During the second inning, the … Read More

I overheard this in the hallway about your child


That is the most respectful child! Can you believe he used that language? She includes everybody. He is just lazy—there … Read More

This Is Who You Should Vote For


With the Republican National Convention starting today, it is time to talk politics. Many believe this presidential election could … Read More

Part 2-Creating 20/20 Vision in your Child


Last week I talked about helping our children to see the world correctly. What I mean is, there is a major difference in the way … Read More

You NEED this book!


It’s the best book I’ve read on parenting teenagers. What is your teenager thinking? How does that differ from what they are … Read More

Does your child have 20/20 vision?


Maybe so, maybe not. Either way, how well he or she sees the physical world is not very important, compared to how they see the … Read More

Back to School War!


4 Keys to Success This Year: What was the battle you fought all last school year with your child? Grades? Time management? … Read More

Do You Have a Plan for This?


I have noticed over the years that kids need a plan. We all do. No matter how spontaneous a person seems to be, every one of us … Read More

Divorce Etiquette


You’ve been wounded. The worst kind of wound—the deep, personal kind of gash that can only be inflicted by someone who is the … Read More

The Formula for a Desired Destiny—5 Steps


I wrote last week about gatekeeping the eye and ear gates of our children because what is allowed in the gates basically serves as … Read More

Remember Your Name


I want to raise my boys to be proud of their family name and know it stands for something. A wise man once told me I could quiz … Read More

YOU are the gatekeeper … and you need help!


Imagine your child’s mind as the most fertile soil ever. I mean dangerously fertile, chocked full of miracle grow products, so … Read More



I consider myself somewhat technologically savvy. Of course, that’s a relative term, but I’ve got the Smartphone, iPad, laptop, … Read More

Kym Carter on “There’s No Place Like Home”


This is a guest post by Kym Carter. Kym is a dynamic and engaging speaker who has a passion for families and for God’s Word. Kym … Read More

True Grit

True Grit

Without a doubt, the greatest movie ever made. End. Of. Story. And no, not the most recent version, but the 1969 epic True … Read More

The Most Damaging Thing for Kids!


Ingratitude … it is the most damaging thing your kids can develop! Why is it the worst? Because there are two natural mindsets … Read More

The Best Way to Make Your Kids Happy and Kind


Teach them the quality of gratitude. That’s right, gratitude. Everything we consider good flows from gratitude, and everything bad … Read More

Coach I’m So Confused


What!? OK, Coach, we understand what you said on Tuesday. The most important things are inconvenient. But what about all the … Read More

In Disguise


That's where you will find the most important things ... they are disguised as "inconvenient." Is it convenient for you to go see … Read More

I’m a Better Christian than You


I ran across this list adapted from a sermon Mark Driscoll preached entitled, “How to Become a Legalist” at Mars Hill Church in … Read More

I Worship What?!


I’m going to examine my heart. I dare you to join me. What are we looking to for happiness, meaning in life, for purpose, … Read More

This May Make You Nervous


This may make you nervous ... This week a friend of mine sent me a great quote by D.A. Carson. The context of the quote … Read More

Crocktastic Parenting Tips from Nicole


OK, ParentLab readers, you’re in for a treat! Crockin’ Girl Nicole Sparks joins us this week as our special guest blogger. But … Read More

You are the Perfect Mom for Your Kid!


This is our first video blog!  It's taken from a speaking engagement and as with each piece we do, we think you will find it is … Read More

Decide Today! Part 3


Finishing up this series, I promised to share one more strategy for helping your kids make great decisions as they navigate … Read More

Decide Today! Part 2


Remember when your little boy or your little girl was … well, little? I’m kind of a sentimental guy, so it’s hard for me to look … Read More

How Do I Stop Losing It with My Kids-Part 2


What?!!! There … I’ve done it again. My frustration has caused me to snap at an innocent question from an inquiring young mind. … Read More

How Do I Stop Losing It with My Kids? Part 1 of 2


I’m guilty. I admit it. It may not be as obvious or humorous as this commercial featuring Stewie and Lois, but I’ve lost it with … Read More



“All big decisions should be made in advance.” It’s one of the best lines for practical living I know. It is the opposite of … Read More

Practical Advice for All 3 Stages of Childhood


Last Friday night, I had the honor of speaking at a high school graduation. This morning, I am speaking at kindergarten … Read More

The Best Thing My Dad Ever Did For Me


It was Monday, June 2, 1986, 6:30 AM. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was standing 20 miles from the nearest town in front … Read More

A Major Threat for Every Parent


It's called “image maintenance.” One of my favorite quotes, made popular by coach John Wooden, says, "Be more concerned with … Read More

Bullying from a Principal’s Perspective-3 Keys


Bullying affects the majority of school-age children at some point in their educational career. That's right—the majority. The … Read More

I’m Not Your Friend! (Part 2)


In Part 1, I explained that actualizing a friendship with a child is not the primary role of parents. We’ve all seen parents who … Read More

The Frankest Parenting Advice You’ll Ever Read


Frank Reed, host of KLTY 94.9’s Family Friendly Morning Show, joins us to muse on mothers, the best in books, the best guidance he … Read More

We Are Not Friends! (Part 1)


Your kids do not need you to be their friend … at least in terms of the traditional way we actualize friendship in our culture. … Read More

The Power of Yes!


This is a guest post for by Pastor Ross Sawyers. Ross Sawyers is the husband of Lisa and they will be celebrating … Read More

Growing Kids … or Good Tomatoes


How would you answer if someone asked, “What do you want your kids to be like when they leave home?” Whatever your answer is, the … Read More

Two Truths for Mom


On March 22, I have the distinct honor of spending some time with the women at Project Mom at their Abilene event. So in the … Read More

Building A Crusader


There are several things I want to build into my kids. One of them is an attitude of crusading. A crusade is a vigorous, … Read More

I’ve Been Dyed


According to Merriam-Webster, Dye- v. dyed /dī/ to impart a new and often permanent color. That’s right, as in tie-dyed shirts … Read More

3 Truths in 30 Seconds


We are all fearfully and wonderfully made. So why don’t our kids always believe it? There are a lot of reasons, but allow me to … Read More

Pegs in the Wall (Part 2)


Last time, I shared my “Pegs in the Wall” concept that helps me simplify and narrow down my focus to specific areas as it relates … Read More

Dr. Tim Elmore on “Changing Our Minds About Kids”


This is a guest post for by Dr. Tim Elmore. Tim Elmore is Founder and President of Growing Leaders, an … Read More

5 Love Languages: Acts of Service (Part 4 of 5)


I hate this love language as a parent. Kids take everything you do for them for granted, don't they? And the whole notion is so … Read More

5 Love Languages: Quality Time (Part 3 of 5)


Quality Time ... every kid needs it, but they won't often ask for it. And yet there may not be another love language that carries … Read More

Pegs in the Wall … I’m Going to Give You Two


Raising kids can be a daunting task, and at times simply overwhelming. It really is a huge responsibility! We are to be raising up … Read More

5 Love Languages: Words of Affirmation (Part 2 of 5)


Words of Affirmation ... According to Dr. Gary Chapman, "Actions don't always speak louder than words. If this is your love … Read More

Sibling Rivalry Part 2


Sibling rivalry is a challenging part of life for almost every family. I want to share one key strategy for you to consider. … Read More

I’ve Got A Lot to Overcome …


But I’m working at it. I carry as much baggage as anyone. I come from divorced parents. I’ve got eight stepsiblings. I never had a … Read More

“Sibling Rivalry” Part 1


Sibling rivalry is so ... normal! If you have more than one child, you know all too well what I'm talking about. I have three … Read More

Apathy: Can’t My Kids Have the Flu Instead?


It's April 1978, and according to the Time Magazine cover article, apathy among students will be the demise of our American way of … Read More

Kym Carter on “Encouraging Wives Make Courageous Dads”


This is a guest post by Kym Carter. Kym is a dynamic and engaging speaker who has a passion for families and for God's Word. Kym … Read More

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD – Does my child have it?


I don't know. This isn't a posting that attempts to diagnose Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD. This is about the … Read More

Mistakes = Success …?


Your kids making mistakes is not a problem! About 15 years ago, I read a quote by arguably one of the greatest coaches of all time … Read More

I Spanked the Wrong Kid


Yep. It happened. My two sons (6 and 4 years old) were arguing in the bathroom. I heard the unmistakable sound of a punch. After … Read More

I love those people!  Let’s replicate them!


I love those people our country calls the "Greatest Generation." You know, the group that came out of the Great Depression, fought … Read More

Our Adoption Story


Last Monday, I went to the mailbox and retrieved a birth certificate. It was the third time I’ve been privileged to do so. But … Read More

Dodging Today’s Biggest Parenting Problem


I’ve been reading research lately that I believe is guiding me to what could be the largest parenting hurdle I will ever face: I … Read More

Mom Power: Energizing the Glue that Binds


As moms, we all have them: The kinds of days or weeks—or even longer stretches, sometimes—that try our patience and rock us to our … Read More

The Law of Subtraction


“Good is the enemy of great.” It’s the first sentence of Jim Collins’ business bestseller, Good to Great. He got it from Voltaire, … Read More

Skin in the game!


I love the term “skin in the game.” It was coined by investing guru Warren Buffet, who used it when referring to a situation where … Read More

5 Things You Should Feel Good About


I was never a good student in high school. The problem seemed to stem from my limited amount of study time combined with my … Read More

So I’m Sitting in the Poorest Orphanage in India and It Occurs to Me …


First, a little background: I’ve got 22 American high school kids with me for 12 days (Dec. 26–Jan. 7), all of us living in an … Read More

You’re Focused on the Wrong Thing


Once you set a goal, you have to shift your attention almost entirely on the steps it takes to reach it. It’s easy to lose focus … Read More

A Parenting Essential, Part 2


A Deadly Mistake In Part 1 of this series, we talked about follow-through being an essential component of parenting as it … Read More

A Parenting Essential, Part 1


Some things are essential, while others are only secondary. It's why churches have doctrinal statements, why companies have core … Read More

Part 2: How does this make you feel? (I don’t really care)


Last time I pointed out that part of parenting wisely is making sure our choices are not influenced by our kids’ feelings and the … Read More

Why Do I Love You?


Is it because you’re so smart? No … Is it because you’re so pretty? No… Is it because you clean your room? No … Is it … Read More

3 Revolutionary Resolutions


Lose weight. Save money. Quit smoking. These are reportedly the top three New Year’s resolutions. Have you ever made one (or more) … Read More

Unity on the Home Front


The Lord said, "The people are united, and they all speak the same language. After this, nothing they set out to do will be … Read More

Learning to Lean: 7 Keys to Surviving Adversity


Our Jackson has blessed my wife, Kristin, and me beyond measure. Jackson was born with a rare (1 in 50,000 kids) genetic disorder … Read More

Seize the Small Moments


When I was in school, I was a straight-A student. Akin to a Pavlovian response, a perfect report card triggered a perfectly … Read More



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5 Ways to Help Your Kids Overcome Hurdles


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