25 Lies Young Women Believe


I have had the opportunity to speak recently to several groups of parents (especially moms). I also hang out 40+ hours each week with teenagers. When you do that, you find there are some common themes that arise with kids at various point in the maturation process. It is very different for our daughters than our sons. Someone once told me sons are a pain when they are toddlers and daughters are easier, but they went on to say there is no comparison to the difficulty parents of teenage daughters might face.

Based on a recommendation, I picked up a copy of Lies Young Women Believe by Nancy Demoss (As you know, we do not do paid endorsements at MyParentLab). Here are a few of the 25 lies contained in this Scripture filled, easy reading book.

  • Beautiful girls are worth more
  • God is just like my father
  • I have to perform to be loved and accepted
  • God is not really involved in my life
  • Everyone is judging me
  • It’s not really sex

I cannot tell you the feedback I have received since recommending this book to everyone I have the privilege to speak with. It seems that it has something for all young women from preteens to college students. The book attacks each lie from a scriptural standpoint and includes reflection exercises for each reader to complete. If you have a daughter or know someone who does, I urge you to consider picking up a copy or passing along this review. What if mothers went through this book together with their daughters?

We’re in this together!


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