The #1 Thing Dads Can Do For Their Kids (Moms Pay Attention)


I have the privilege of speaking to various groups periodically. When I speak to men about parenting, there is ONE thing I want them to take away from the time together. The most important thing dads can do for their kids is simple, love their mothers well. That’s it.

It serves a couple of purposes. First, it creates a sense of stability and security in the home that allows our kids to thrive. Secondly, it honors the job mothers have.

While I make more than my fair share of mistakes (remember I am the guy that spanked the wrong kid), I never want to miss an opportunity to tell my wife that she does the most important thing in the world to me—raising our kids on a day-to-day basis. Now, I am not an absentee father, but moms often have a whole lot more time with the kids. And, as such, they have a tremendously important and often times ‘thankless’ job. For example, in Two Truths for Mom we highlighted the fact that moms are a safe ‘dumping ground’ for their kids’ emotions and dad arrives home and gets to be ‘Mr. Fun Guy.’

Moms, if you have not heard the words of appreciation lately that you so richly deserve, take solace. Your reward is coming. One day, your kids are going to recognize the sacrifices you made and the love they received. According to the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, it took 20 years to build the Egyptian pyramids. And while childhood is roughly the same timeframe, what we are building is far more significant (and challenging)!

Until next time, be encouraged!


About Jeffrey D. Potts, Ed.D.

Raised on a ranch in the Texas Hill Country, Jeff Potts, Ed.D., grew up learning the importance of hard work and family values. A graduate of Baylor University, he has master’s degrees from two universities and earned his Ed.D. in teaching and learning from a fourth institution. Potts launched his pedagogical career in the 1990s, working full-time with students and parents. READ MORE→