‘Show’ Them Thankfulness This Year

Show Thanks

With Thanksgiving next week there is a lot to look forward to with our families. Last year, we talked about teaching our kids what they should be thankful for and why. This year, I want to take it a bit further and borrow ideas from some of you who have some really cool family traditions surrounding Thanksgiving.

First, the premise behind it is important. Educational research tells us that kids will remember up to 80% more if the lesson involves doing or experiencing something, rather than just hearing something. That’s exactly why I prefer to take kids to India rather than simply telling them about the less fortunate in the world. I think that’s also why Jesus taught humility by washing the disciples’ feet, rather than just teaching on humility.

This year, why not plan to serve others this Thanksgiving as a family? I know family traditions that involve getting up early on Thursday morning and going to volunteer at the soup kitchen before lunch. Or, head down to the Salvation Army and volunteer to help in advance of Christmas. If you have little ones, why not take some time to pack up some unused toys and take them to your local donation center? I assure you, wherever you live, there are opportunities—not only opportunities to bless others but an opportunity to shape your child’s perspective and truly teach them about thankfulness in a memorable way.


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