Seasons of Gray


Don’t you love when Hollywood and the media are dumbfounded by the response of Christians in our country? The most recent example is The Bible series on the History Channel last March that was viewed by 10s of millions of viewers and propelled the network to the #1 network on cable for the month of March.

I believe the next such phenomenon is a major motion picture known as Seasons of Gray that is set for release Friday, October 18. The story is a modern day retelling of the biblical story of Joseph (one of my all-time favorite Bible characters).

This generation of young people learns through stories and is intrigued by movies. I believe we as parents are too. This movie contains all the components of the actual story of Joseph and delivers the same message of the biblical account while set in 2013. These include a steadfast commitment to integrity, patience, hope, and forgiveness (even when it is not asked for).

The most common complaint I hear among kids is how difficult it is to relate to the characters of the Old Testament. This movie solves that problem for young and old alike. Having secured an advanced copy of the movie, I can tell you it is entertaining, inspiring, and moves you to consider what actions you can take to improve yourself and those around you. So, put it on your calendar and watch for Seasons of Gray in your area as a great opportunity to go to the movies with your child and have one of those meaningful dialogues following the movie that we as parents are always seeking.

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