Don’t Quote Me!


Have you ever heard the saying, “All I ever need to know I learned in Kindergarten?” Well it’s not quite that simple, BUT we can certainly use the simple to teach our kids the profound. I have had the privilege to learn from some really great teachers. The thing these folks have in common is their uncanny ability to teach profound, life changing lessons in a simple, easy to understand way. These great teachers have lots of different methods of communication, but let me give you one of my favorites:

  1. Go find a powerful, stirring, or inspirational quote. (You know, like, “Give me liberty or give me death!”)
  2. Present and dissect the quote with your kids.
  3. Apply what you have discovered together to their current situation. (The one you manipulate into the conversation.)

Why this approach?

  • Like a good story, the lesson sticks in the memory better.
  • Easy reference. You can recall, enjoy, or stay committed to the entire conversation experience just by slipping the quote into a lunch bag or taping it on a bathroom mirror.
  • You and I do not sit down and talk to our kids enough. This is time invested that no one will regret, and you will treasure forever.

Let me give you a few of my favorite quotes that I’ve used:

“The giant doors of opportunity swing on the small hinges of obedience.”

“The world belongs to the doers! You are what you repeatedly do.”

“It is more probable that your attitude, rather than your aptitude, will determine your altitude in life.”

“Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become.”

“Those who would attain little must sacrifice a little…those who would attain much, must sacrifice much.”


About Kris Hogan

With a 16-year educational tenure under his belt, Kris Hogan has spent the last nine years working at Grapevine Faith High School in Grapevine, Texas. In addition to sitting on its administrative team, Hogan also pulls double duty as Faith’s head football coach. Hogan also was the subject of Remember Why You Play, a 2008 book by sports columnist and author David Thomas that chronicled the lives, struggles and successes of Coach Hogan and his team. READ MORE→