What is the Saddest Part of This Picture?

1000 words parenting

I love images. They really do say 1,000 words. When I showed this picture to one lady, she wondered how I got a picture of her ex-husband! I assured her this was a stock image and no one she knew…funny nonetheless. This image presents two parenting reminders for me that are crucial to raising my sons.

The first, and perhaps saddest, is the expression on the boy’s face. At first glance, one might suspect the sadness in his eyes is a result of his dad enjoying the dinner the boy cannot have, but then look at the dad’s eyes. In my opinion, the boy wants much more from his dad than his wings. Some would say the boy just wants his dad’s attention. Others might recognize the dad as emotionally unavailable. Regardless, our kids measure love in TIME. The great parents I know are intentional about spending quality time with their kids doing what their kids enjoy.

The second one is obvious. Do as I say, not as I do (note what each has on his plate). Could there be a worse parenting approach? This is an obvious illustration. Here is my concern as a parent. What less obvious areas am I demonstrating this approach. I definitely have some hypocrisy in my life…don’t we all? But what message am I sending my kids when I say or do one thing and expect anything different from my kids?

What does this image have for you?

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