My Kids Are Too Busy…Help!

busy schedule

I bet that sounds familiar. As an educator, I have the awesome opportunity to spend time and interact with lots of families. If there is one theme that constantly comes to the forefront, it’s the schedule. More specifically, the kids’ schedule. I have observed that for most families, it is easy to default to building weekly schedules, monthly plans, and even day-to-day adjustments around the many “events” that come up in their kids’ lives. I’m talking about birthday parties, sleepovers, on-the-spot invitations by well-meaning friends, and the many assortment of things that “everyone is doing, Mom!”

Life is just moving at a fast pace! Here’s the deal. A lot, even most of the things, that our kids are involved in may be good … but as the old saying goes, GOOD is the enemy of BEST.

As a dad, I can do a lot of good things outside of my home while simultaneously neglecting those IN my home. I know you get the picture, but it’s likely your kids do not, just as mine do not. But time management, priorities, and choices have to be taught diligently.

Basic SLOWDOWN formula:

  1. Determine the priority activities. (Should be a short list and correspond with your value system.)
  2. Communicate the priority activities and the reasons why. (The age of your kid will determine the amount of “buy-in” required, though ultimately it may come down to “because I said so!”)
  3. Be consistent and make the hard calls. (This is where it usually falls apart. The pressure the kids put on parents is great, and standing strong is usually NOT CONVENIENT!) I have found parenting as a whole is not very convenient! I implore you: Do not be afraid to say NO.

You cannot be everywhere and have everything all the time. If we raise our kids to believe they CAN, we are setting them up for failure and pain down the road. Good is the enemy of best.


“Everything is permissible, but not everything is helpful. Everything is permissible, but not everything builds up.”

- The Apostle Paul

About Kris Hogan

With a 16-year educational tenure under his belt, Kris Hogan has spent the last nine years working at Grapevine Faith High School in Grapevine, Texas. In addition to sitting on its administrative team, Hogan also pulls double duty as Faith’s head football coach. Hogan also was the subject of Remember Why You Play, a 2008 book by sports columnist and author David Thomas that chronicled the lives, struggles and successes of Coach Hogan and his team. READ MORE→