Kids and the Rising Price of Regular Unleaded

gas station

The first time I put regular unleaded in my own car, it was 89 cents per gallon at the local convenience store in the town where I grew up. Man, have times and prices changed! My wimpy little truck had a 10-gallon gas tank, so the most I was going to spend to fill up was just under $9. Today, like many of you, it costs me between $90 and $100 to fill an empty tank.

Here is what I want you and me to remember. Even though we are paying so much more today, the fuel is MORE important to me NOW than it was then. I mean really, wherever I was going as a 16-year-old just isn’t as important as where I go today … same with you. Me arriving at my destination today is more important; therefore, having the fuel is more important.

Now, where are your kids going? What is their destination? I challenge you to make a dream list for your kids for when they are 30 years old. Good health, strong marriage to a strong believer, unshakeable Christian worldview, blah, blah, blah. When you are done with the list, ask yourself what kind of FUEL is required in their tank for them to reach this destination … AND how much; that is, how often do I fill them up?

They WILL NOT reach their destination without the right fuel. It’s your job to put premium fuel in constantly. You can put watered-down junk in them, or you can fuel up only once in awhile …. I suggest you never let them go lower than half a tank!

Great gas stations:

Kitchen table

15 minutes before bed

Daddy-daughter date

Church and church activities


Fishing with Dad

Girls trip with Mom

Working together on ministry project

Family devotion/lesson

Family walks


We’re talking PREMIUM fuel!



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