Simple Topic, Big Return

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It’s easy to make parenting too complicated. There’s so much to do, so much to teach, so much to do battle against! While searching last week for something online to show my daughter, I was reminded by Mr. Max Lucado that sometimes simple is better. So my lesson of the month for the groups I’m working with was on the topic of reliability. Consider these lines by the great wordsmith …

“There is a common denominator in any form of greatness: reliability. It’s the bread-and-butter characteristic of achievement. It’s the shared ingredient behind retirement pens, Hall of Fame awards, and golden anniversaries. It is the quality that produces not momentary heroics but monumental lives.”

“The Bible has its share. Consistent and predictable, these saints were spurred by a gut-level conviction that they had been called by no one less than God Himself. As a result, their work wasn’t affected by moods, cloudy days, or rocky trails. Their performance graph didn’t rise and fall with roller-coaster irregularity. They weren’t addicted to accolades or applause nor deterred by grumpy bosses or empty wallets. And since their loyalty was not determined by their comfort, they were just as faithful in dark prisons as they were in spotlighted pulpits.”

He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much.

Luke 16:10

Hard to add anything to that! Lessons 2–5 are identifying those things we ought to be reliable in.

Sometimes simple is best.


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