You Better Get THIS Right!

Get This Right

I am continuing a look at philosophical beliefs that lead to either good or bad in a child’s life. In my last blog, I highlighted a belief that inevitably leads to disaster. Today I want to remind us of one that continually leads to good. Truth comes first. You may think this is an obvious statement and a pretty straight forward item to be checked off the list on things to teach the kids…you better reconsider. It’s not one of the things, it’s THE thing. It affects everything else.

Virtually every point of persuasive information that comes into the average child’s life boasts a view point NOT rooted in truth. Most every main stream American view point, especially those aimed at the middle aged and younger, are based on two things: emotion and feelings.

It is obvious to any clear thinking individual that decisions based on emotions and feelings, not rooted in truth, will lead to a life of unwanted consequences. When emotions or feelings are substituted for truth in the decision making process, it truly touches every part of a human being’s life! We literally become the end product of our choices; consequently, the reasoning behind every major decision better be based on something solid and unchanging.

How would you like your kids to make their decisions about pre-marital sex, drug or alcohol use, the friends they choose in college, whether to cheat on a test, which job to take, who to marry, etc…on the basis of feeling and/or emotion? The culture says to follow your heart. On the other hand, Jeremiah 17:9 says, “The heart is more deceitful than all else, and is desperately sick. Who can understand it?”

Emotions and feelings are great as long as they are subjected to truth.

I constantly dialogue with my kids about current events and things they are interested in with the singular reason of teaching them how to filter information through the grid of truth. If they are able and desire to see the world through a lens of truth, nothing will ever derail them…if they cannot or will not, nothing else they do can help them.

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