You Know How That Kid Will Turn Out


Do you ever have that thought cross your mind? If you’re around kids much, it’s pretty much inevitable. The undertone is usually negative and never about our own kids. We see a child running through the store barking orders at their parents, and the thought flashes through our mind. Our teenager’s friends come over, and we wonder what they’re being taught in their house. The list goes on.

Today, I am reminded of several essentials to answer this thought.

I am reminded that each of us is a work in progress, young and old. I am reminded that kids often have a lot to overcome … much of which may not be their fault. I am reminded that my own kids are far from perfect. And I am reminded that my kids and I have a responsibility to love others.

In a piece last year titled Use My Son as an Example, I wrote about how parents can use other kids’ behavior as teachable moments. It seems the trick is to do it without robbing our kids of empathy for others.

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