Is my Kid in a Bubble? – Part 2

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In Part 1 of Is my Kid in a Bubble?, I outlined briefly the thinking behind shaping as much of the circumstances of your children’s lives as you are able to. (I recommend reading part 1 before reading this blog.) Again, while you cannot monitor every sound bite or shape every situation your kids will encounter, doesn’t it make sense to regulate and stabilize all the areas you can?

Think about this question. Would you allow your child to frequently spend weekends with a family in which the parents were supplying their own children with illegal drugs? Why not? Aren’t you confident in your training as a parent? Don’t you think your child could “stand up” to the pressure and do the right thing? Then why not allow the weekend trips? The answer is obvious! While you are probably confident to some degree of the value system that you have instilled in your child, there is simply NO WISDOM in allowing them to be in that environment…which is exactly my point! You can teach them everything you want to about the drug culture without ever exposing them to the culture!

Because this analogy can be extended to every single facet of parenting, why would I ever force my kid to learn by the cruel teacher of experience, when I can easily educate them myself or by those chosen by me? Do you want your kid to appreciate the freedoms of our country and have gratitude to those who have given their lives for that freedom? Of course, but you would NOT choose for them to come to that realization by serving on the front lines in Iraq! Hundreds of examples are rolling through my mind, but I think you get the point.

Consider one more analogy. Let’s say your child could only take one more test in school, but this test would determine their entire academic and career future, including their earning capability for the rest of their lives. If the school allowed you six weeks to prepare for the test, how many would opt to take the test early? Not you? You mean you’d rather have all the preparation time possible before encountering the real thing? I thought so!

In Part 3, I will discuss the biggest real life example of how this works in my house.



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