Is my Kid in a Bubble? – Part 1

Bubble Post

Absolutely!  You can call it putting them in a bubble, being overprotective, or old fashioned if you want to…I call it wisdom. I do not for one single second think I need to let my children “experience” the world or have “exposure to what’s out there.”  They are going to get too much undesirable exposure IN SPITE of my best efforts to protect them from those circumstances.

Seventeen years ago this idea was crystallized in my thinking as I listened to Focus on the Family and heard Dr. James Dobson make the following illustration. He asked the audience to imagine the purpose of a greenhouse. Of course, it’s the optimal environment for new, tender plants to develop and strengthen their roots. It’s a place specifically designed for the young plants to grow into their best health. In an optimal situation, you would not remove them from their initial surroundings until their root systems are strong enough to endure and thrive in any environment outside of the greenhouse. The longer they are sheltered from damaging storms, harsh temperatures, and exposure from various diseases, the more time they have to become more solidly established in a healthy pattern of growth…ultimately leading to superior stability when the time to leave does come.

I think you can see the obvious correlation to nurturing a child. Of course I want to grow my child as long as possible before taking them out of the greenhouse, so to speak. The longer they are in an environment that is nurturing, the better their opportunity for stability and health later on in life. Period. Obviously I cannot keep them from every single bit of evil in the world…that’s not realistic and that’s not the argument I am making. What I am saying is this—given a choice, what parent would not want a daily routine and atmosphere for their kids that is close in alignment with their own value system? The world is not the same place it was just 10 to 20 years ago. Andy Griffith doesn’t live next door, and your local public school doesn’t share your value system.

The deadly combination of cutting edge technology, the constant barrage of non-virtuous content, the agenda of the entertainment industry, the super model example for our daughters, and the reduced family time in general make this the most difficult parenting time in history. (Those are only a few ingredients in the modern death tonic.) My point is, while you cannot monitor every sound bite or shape every situation your kids will encounter, doesn’t it make sense to regulate and stabilize all the areas you can?

I have listened to parents make lots of justifications for continually having their kids in non-virtuous circumstances. The reasons range from barely sane to absurd. Your kid has one trip through your house to grow their precious roots…you have a moral obligation.

Be looking for part 2!


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