Blue Jeans, Dogs, and Kids?

Blue Jeans

When I buy a pair of jeans, mostly used for working cows or being crazy outside with my boys, I fully intend to do whatever I want in them and with them … after all, they belong to ME. I will usually abuse them pretty good according to my wife’s standards, and I don’t care how they look in the least.

I have raised a few really great dogs, and they fit into a similar category (except the abuse part!). With my dog, I do what I want to do, I train it just how I want it to be. My question is: Why can’t kids be that simple?

The answer is because my pants are totally mine and the dog is totally mine; and they will both remain in my possession until they have lived out their lives, so to speak. My kids, however, are simply on loan to me … they are NOT totally mine. It’s a sad but true fact. I only get my babies for about a quarter of their life. Not only that, but I’m raising them to be spouses, moms, and dads. They will perform most of their lives impacting work AFTER they leave my house. I cannot imagine a pair of jeans or a puppy doing that!

I have a major responsibility to those little girls who will marry my boys and that wretched jerk who will marry my daughter! (I’m going to wear him out … his parents better be working!) I have a responsibility to my grandbabies—to teach their parents patience, among a host of other things.

I must be careful not to try and mold my kids into my image or some image that completes where I am lacking; they are under my guidance to become the best THEM they can be. I must be diligent to see and develop their talents and gifts. Whatever truths I believe they ought to possess deep in their hearts, I must be intentional about planting them deep consistently—no assumptions made.

I only have them for a bit, but my training will affect not only their sense of the world, but the lives of untold others as well.



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With a 16-year educational tenure under his belt, Kris Hogan has spent the last nine years working at Grapevine Faith High School in Grapevine, Texas. In addition to sitting on its administrative team, Hogan also pulls double duty as Faith’s head football coach. Hogan also was the subject of Remember Why You Play, a 2008 book by sports columnist and author David Thomas that chronicled the lives, struggles and successes of Coach Hogan and his team. READ MORE→