A Challenge for Me (and Maybe You)


Every once in a while, I run across research that I just do not like. It is usually because I fall into one or more groups identified in the research as having a certain set of “issues.” I ran across one such article this week that was recently released by noted Christian researcher George Barna. I am a fan of Barna, quote him often, and as a result, find his surveys particularly annoying when they “get in my kitchen.” Here is the article, and here are a few highlights:

  • Parents are just as likely to be dependent on technology as teens and tweens (pre-teens).
  • Parents watch an equal amount of television and use the Internet as teens. We spend more time on the telephone and emailing.
  • Two-thirds of parents and teens believe video games, cell phones, television, music, and movies are a positive influence on their families.
  • Most parents and tweens/teens have never heard any kind of teaching in a church or religious setting about technology usage (although 40% wish they would).
  • Less than 10% of respondents said they ever attempt to take a break from digital usage.

Last week, a Jewish group called the Sabbath Manifesto sponsored the National Day of Unplugging. The stated goal was to avoid technology such as text messaging, television, Facebook, etc. from sundown to sundown for one full day. The stated goal was to “unwind, unplug, relax, get outdoors, and get with loved ones.” It is interesting that the word Sabbath comes from the Hebrew word “to cease.”

Well, I figure the time is now for me and mine. Spring Break is coming. There is no better time.

Are you in?



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