Old Fashioned, Ancient…and Successful


Eating together…as a family, no matter what your family looks like.  Studies for the last 50 years have proven over and over the multiple benefits for everyone in the family, but especially for the kids.  Family dinner, has long been a cornerstone of the American home, but is fading fast in these changing times.

Believe me; I understand the difficulty of gathering around the table in this day and age.  Saying we live in a busy time is the understatement of the century, particularly with kids going in every direction, but I think this American tradition is worth fighting for.

The data demonstrates when families do eat together; the children are less likely to engage in self-destructive activities such as drinking, drugs, and sex. They are more likely to increase school performance, are healthier, and are more comfortable with their own identity.  Leading child experts tell us it is difficult to quantify the benefits, but that they are undeniable.

I took these suggestions from a leading family ministry:

  • Ask your kids simple questions at the dinner table…”How was school today?”
  • Talk about family values and/or good memories
  • Use the time to plan activities to do together later

Kids need stability and help processing the fast paced world they live in.  Family dinners may be the best place to meet both of these needs.  It’s inconvenient…like so many other aspects of parenting.

You only have them for a short while,


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