Ghouls and Goblins: Two Great Ideas on Halloween We Can All Agree Upon

Hummm … The annual dilemma Christians face with their kids on Halloween. My parents took me to a haunted house at the church. How about that? Then, of course, there are those who believe any participation in traditional Halloween festivities is nothing short of delving into a dark spiritual realm. It’s interesting how Christians have such a wide array of opinions on Halloween and ample judgment upon one another when their opinions differ.

Halloween’s unsavory beginnings can be traced back to the Celts prior to Christ. They sacrificed to their gods for warding off evil spirits, for a good harvest, etc. Fast-forward to the 4th century and we see Christendom offering an alternative at roughly the same time. By the 8th century, the Pope formalized the event into a day to memorialize the saints by creating “All Saints Day,” which was to be celebrated annually on November 1.

With this history in mind, regardless of your position on the various Halloween festivities of our day, I have learned TWO great lessons from two different couples who have captured the day to teach their children:

1. The first couple uses it to remember families who have lost loved ones quite some time ago. They sit down and write a note of love and encouragement to a widow or a family who has lost a child. How cool is that? Their thought is that the world has shrunk back away from them, and they likely could use the encouragement that they have not been forgotten.

2. The second couple uses the day to teach about martyrdom and those who have died for their faith. They use stories from the old favorite Fox’s Book of Martyrs or the more contemporary Jesus Freaks. As it was explained to me, this generation does not understand the sacrifices made by Christians throughout history. I suspect the same could be true for many American Christians regardless of age.

However you choose to mark today, October 31, it can have practical, applicable teaching points for our kids.

Happy All Saints Day!


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