Brent Crowe on How to Think Bigger on Parenting


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Parent: Giver of Directions 

One thing is becoming increasingly clearer: The world my kids will grow up in is much different from the world that I grew up in. I remember when phones had cords, video games had joysticks, and Pluto was a planet. And who would have ever thought that DVDs would become a thing of the past or that the video store would be replaced with a small red box located outside of gas stations?! Baggy jeans have been swapped with skinny jeans and Mr. Rogers sweaters are somehow now in vogue. And let’s not even mention that you don’t have to take your Bible to church because it is now an app on your phone, which consequently means you can organize a grocery list while taking in a sermon!

Yes, the world has changed, and will continue to experience what some are calling a tsunami of change, but the responsibility of a parent remains clear: We are to raise children in such a manner that potential is not a myth and where the challenge to reach one’s capacity is not considered psychological trauma. Among other things, a parent is the giver of directions for so much of life’s journey. I would like to suggest that healthy parenting is providing directions to four destinations.

1. Directions to faraway magical lands

The ability to exceed potential and maximize capacity begins long before much of the educational experience. Rather, it begins with an environment that cultivates and fosters healthy imagination. A child who has never had their bed transformed into a pirate ship or their back yard into undiscovered jungle will most likely be unable to imagine how culture can be transformed. Healthy imaginations position children to one day reach beyond expectations and accomplish far more than the average.

2. Directions to healthy relationships 

More than ever before, the need exists for parents to model and teach healthy relationships. A world where everyone has a voice and very few have a message is a world where everyone is connected and few are known.

3. Directions to God-honoring decisions 

A God-honoring approach to parenting provides for their children a conviction of the relevancy of Scripture to every decision that will be made. Show your children that the Bible shapes and determines reality and teaches us what to believe and also how to think.

4. Directions to the feet of Jesus

The greatest compliment a child could ever give a parent is, “I want to experience God the way you experience God.” The greatest challenge and responsibility that every parent bears is to be imitable in their relationship with Christ. A life well lived before your children should provide for them directions to a healthy relationship with God … and thus to the feet of Jesus.